Omnical Nutrition

slaHighest validated Accuracy and Reliability

data_rateFastest data rate for both VO2 and VCO2 measurements

restingFrom resting metabolism to absolute maximum

breathingNo breathing restrictions

Highly versatile and accurate

The Omnical product is the most versatile and accurate indirect calorimeter for research purposes on the market. Comprised of state-of-the-art technology using the highest class precision measurement instruments, it enables customers to perform studies in various research fields.

The system is designed to measure energy metabolism ranging from resting metabolism rate (RMR) to sports performance testing (e.g. VO2max tests) with high accuracy.

The Omnical Nutrition

The Omnical Nutrition indirect calorimeter is ideally suited for performing Resting Energy Expenditure measurements. It comprises of two basic parts: a gas analysis system and the data analysis/presentation software. With this method, the subject’s exhaled breath is captured with a flow–diluting canopy hood and directed  to the gas analysis system.

  1. Omnical
  2. Analysis software
  3. Canopy/hood


  1. Validation kit

Software and data analysis

The data processing/presentation software (calorimetry software) for the indirect calorimeter system provides the researcher with means of starting and monitoring live experiments and calculating data sets.

Raw data is being passed through a calculation module that generates the result files which typically includes O2 [ml/min], CO2 [ml/min] and Energy Expenditure [KJ/min].

System performance

System accuracy
1% ± 2.0% SD or better for VO2 and VCO2 measurements @ 250mL/min oxygen consumption and 100 L/min flow.
Respiratory Quotient (RQ) = VCO2/ VO2 within 0.02 absolute.

High flow up to human physiological maximum, low flow for RMR infants

Ventilation 20-450L/min (higher range is possible on request)
O2 uptake 0-8 L/min
CO2 production 0-8 L/min

High VCO2 and VO2 update rate
Live display of measurement values updated every 5 seconds.