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Room calorimeters are an invaluable, powerful tool in metabolic research studies. Indirect calorimetry remains the gold standard in measuring energy expenditure and substrate oxidation in a wide range of clinical and research settings. The methods most commonly used have a severely limited time frame: both hood and mask measurements only last 20 minutes typical. This gives limited insight into the dynamics of physiological responses in the human body. Longer measurements are crucial to gain a better insight in human metabolism. The most practical way of achieving this is in a room calorimeter. Test subjects can move around, spend multiple days in a fully controlled environment, all while measuring energy expenditure and the associated parameters.

The whole body room calorimeter allows calculation of energy expenditure and RQ/RER from VO2 and VCO2 continuously over long periods of time, based on measurements of respiratory exchanges (Indirect Calorimetry), in the following applications:

  • accurate calculation of the energy balance over 24h based on the monitoring of energy inputs (food) and energy expenses (basal metabolism, activity energy expenditure, diet induced thermogenesis
  • determination of the kinetics of energy expenditure
  • evaluation of the nutritional needs of a specific population, eg athletes
  • determination of metabolic disturbances
  • study of the thermogenic properties of nutrients, medicines and nutritional formulas (diets)
  • exploration of energy expenditure under usual conditions of life

The room indirect calorimeter chambers allow an accurate estimation of  energy expenditure and the use of energy substrates (proteins, lipids, carbohydrates) of an individual living under conditions. All under precise control of the environment, physical activity and diet.

“We guarantee the highest total system accuracy and precision available on the market today”

Maastricht Instruments guarantees the total system accuracy of VO2 and VCO2 measurements, which is an essential quality for research studies. System performance is guaranteed beyond the time of installation. Users of the system can validate the system accuracy with ease using Maastricht Instruments’ validation equipment. This increases confidence in research results and facilitates data traceability and reporting.

Room calorimeter BASE

The most affordable room calorimeter in the market 


The Basic Room Calorimeter is the latest technology in the market and it is a powerful tool that can be used in metabolic research studies. With an experience of over 35 years, MI makes research more attainable with its portable room calorimeter which can be installed in only a few hours. The BASE room calorimeter allows indirect calorimetry measurements without wearing a face mask or ventilated hood. 

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Room calorimeter ELEMENTS 

Customized to your study needs. Upgradeable towards the future

The Room Calorimeter ELEMENTS covers all the necessary utilities to conduct tightly controlled energy expenditure and metabolic research studies. This system comes with optimal subject comfort and total system control. Our experts help you configure the right setup to get you up to speed with room calorimeter research. The system is modular and can be upgraded to suit future study needs. 

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Advanced Room Calorimeter

“The ultimate measurement”

The Room Calorimeter ADVANCE offers the highest validated accuracy and reproducability in the market. Designed on a system level out of the highest quaility components, this is the gold standard for energy expenditure studies of any kind; 24-hr energy expenditure, high intensity exercise testing and many more. Validated and applied in 100’s of research studies. 

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“We offer highest total accuracy and precision available on the market today”


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