Validation equipment

The cornerstone of scientific research is reliable data.

slaHighest validated Accuracy and Reliability

data_rateFastest data rate for both VO2 and VCO2 measurements

restingFrom resting metabolism to absolute maximum

breathingNo breathing restrictions

The cornerstone of scientific research is reliable data. This is true for all fields, including calorimetry research.

Too often, researchers have no idea how well their room calorimeter or metabolic cart are performing, which measurement errors are present and what this means for their studies. Most suppliers of calorimetry equipment in the world are not providing their customers with the tools needed to perform these validations.

Maastricht Instruments believes that validating equipment using easy, proven and reliable methods should be common practice in every research institute working with indirect calorimetry equipment, whether using metabolic carts or full on room calorimeters. To facilitate these tests, MI offers two different set ups: a methanol combustion kit and a gas infusion kit.

The methanol combustion kit contains a specifically designed burner, able to fit on a standard methanol bottle and a fire safety bucket. The burn rate of this setup is designed to match the RMR of adult person.

The gas infusion kit in specifically designed to test the dynamic response of a room calorimeter system. It allows the researcher to connection of the gas of choice by (CO2, N2, mixture) and up to three different infusion rates can be set. In the software included an infusion pattern can be set and after starting, the software executes the set pattern and logs the weight coming from the precision scale (not included).