The world’s leading indirect calorimetry equipment

The most accurate and reliable measurement of energy metabolism.


The company has a close working relationship with the Department of Human Biology of Maastricht University Medical Center+. This department has over 35 years of research expertise in the field of indirect calorimetry. Through this relationship, Maastricht Instruments can provide state of the art indirect calorimetry technology combined with deep application knowledge to enable customers to find meaningful answers to questions that accelerate breakthrough discoveries in the field of human energy metabolism and energy balance.

Maastricht Instruments also has a partnership with TopSport Limburg. One of the leading institutes in the Netherlands for sports sciences, sports innovations and sports talent development. Through this partnership Maastricht Instruments has a valuable partner in the field of sport sciences to further develop and test its Omnical, high-end indirect calorimeter product for use with professional athletes.

Development of the Indirect Calorimeter for sport performance testing is supported by: