Combining 35 years of respiration chamber experience with its state of the art metabolic cart, the Omnical system, Maastricht Instruments has develop the world’s first basic room calorimeter.

Bringing respiration chamber research within reach

Room calorimeters are an invaluable, powerful tool in metabolic research studies. However, cost and space constraints limit many institutes from acquiring the infrastructure for their desired research. The Room calorimeter basic is designed to overcome these constraints. The complete system can be assembled in a matter of hours and immediately ready to perform research.

Easily adapted to a wide range of research applications

The room calorimeter basic can be used for a wide variety of research, ranging from nutritional studies to sports recovery and can even accommodate subjects in hospital beds who may not be suited for traditional techniques with masks or hoods. Each system is customized to meet specific requirements, for instance, adding windows, blinds, and accessories are all possible. These can be easily adaptated to different future studies. When not in use, the room can be easily be disassembled and stored, while the Omnical system can be used as a high end, top of the line hood or sports metabolic cart.

System accuracy guaranteed

While doing research and looking into small changes in human metabolism it has to be absolutely clear those variations are introduced by the subjects, not by equipment variations. Regular equipment validation has to be part of every study design and Maastricht Instruments strongly believes that validation of equipment doesn’t stop at the time of installation.

Maastricht Instruments guarantees the accuracy of VO2 and VCO2 levels not just at the time of installation. Users of the system can validate the system accuracy with ease using the validation equipment provided.  Users can have increased confidence in research results using the highly precise measurement instruments achieving the highest accuracy possible.

Maastricht Instruments

The objective of Maastricht Instruments is to provide customers active in the field of human energy metabolism, nutrition- and sports sciences with high-end indirect calorimetry equipment ensuring reliable and validated results.

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